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Welcome To Flyhomes

Flyhomes mixes small private spaces - containing little more than a bed and cupboards - with funky shared communal areas like gaming rooms, music and art corners and places to dine and work. We have everything you need to feel at home and be productive from the moment you arrive.

Flyhomes facilties

Food Facilities

Breakfast, Snacks and Dinner with Milk

Room Facilities

Fully Furnished rooms with Cots, Mattress, Pillows, Individual Big Cupboards

Flat Facilities

Fridge - Fridge is provided in each flat so that the students can store their favorite food for later.
Washing Machine - No worrying or paying for laundry. We have user friendly washing machines, can be easily operated by students.
Microwave - Microwave is provided in each flat so that the students can enjoy on their stored food, just reheat and consume.
RO Water Purifier - RO Water Purifier for safe drinking water. Because Water is the driving force of all Nature.
TV With DTH - Students can enjoy their free time watching TV equipped with DTH service.

WiFi Facilities

High speed Internet (Lease Line) - WiFi connection with high speed internet instantly at their fingertips can be accessed with smartphones, mobile devices or laptops.

24/7 Security & CCTV

24/7 Security & CCTV - Safety and security of our students is our first priority, and to serve this purpose we have 24*7 Security Guard and CCTV survelliance in all our hostels.

Logistics Facilities

We have our transport system for everyday to & fro to the College. We ensure that the transit time is taken care off and students are not delayed for their classes.

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